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Distinctive guitarist in jazz, classical and contemporary genres

Private Lessons in Guitar and Electric Bass

On-Going Enrollment

Choose Plan A for a regular weekly time slot reserved on a monthly basis.

45 and 60 minute time slots are available with no registration fee required. 30 minute time slots for ages 11 and under upon request. Monthly tuition payments.

Choose Plan B for a flexible plan with private lessons reserved based on time slot availability, scheduled on a lesson-by-lesson basis with payment due at the time of each lesson.


Nurturing musical ability while having fun learning and building skills.

Ear training, music reading, technique and tone, and thorough familiarity with scales, chords, and rhythm.

Up-to-date teaching aids, large song library and digital recording equipment, combined with my experience and mastery of guitar provide a learning environment geared towards success and student satisfaction.

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“I took guitar lessons when I was twelve years old and quit after a few short months. Each hour long session was filled with studying a lot of basic music theory, but what I didn't learn was how to PLAY. And when you're twelve, you just want to play.

Fast forward 28 years and the desire to learn guitar was still there. So, I bought an acoustic guitar and began teaching myself chords and scales. This was fine at first, but I quickly realized I needed someone to help me pull it all together and teach me to actually play. That's where Gene came in.

During my first lesson with Gene we discussed my prior experience with learning guitar. Gene totally understood where I was coming from in terms of not wanting to spend countless hours on theory, etc., but to focus on learning to play. He did, however, emphasize the importance of learning music theory, notes, scales and all the other stuff that just seemed boring to me. After a short, but pleasant, negotiation we agreed my hour long sessions would be equally split between learning the nuts and bolts and actually playing.

I've now been playing eight years – and I'm hooked! That's because Gene approaches each student as an individual who learns and processes in their own way. Gene doesn't take a cookie-cutter approach to teaching guitar, but tailors lessons to each student's unique set of needs and desires. If it weren't for the Gene Pino Guitar Studio I'd still just be thinking about playing guitar. Thanks, Gene!

— Stephen King, currently a student playing for pleasure

“After many years working with other guitar teachers, Gene Pino is by far the best teacher, player and mentor of all of them. As well as being a dedicated teacher to his students, he is one of the most accomplished players I have known.”

— Ryan Parrino, Hartt Conservatory of Music & University of Miami. Today Ryan is a recording guitarist, touring with Michael Bolton.



“I’ve studied with good guitar teachers at University of Hartford and Berklee College of Music, but I can clearly say that Gene Pino is the most outstanding teacher I have studied with.”

— Carlos Miller, Berklee College of Music. Today Carlos is a music industry professional


“Gene is exceptional as an instructor and as a musician. To this day I apply the concepts and tools I learned from him in my life as a musician and performer. I’m very grateful to have had him as a mentor and highly recommend him to anyone. Teachers of his stature and versatility are few and far between.”

— Greg Diamond, M.A. Jazz Performance, Queens College. Today Greg is a Jazz artist and composer active in the Latin Jazz scene in New York with 2 CDs as a leader!




“I took guitar lessons with Gene for over 7 years, and would have continued if I didn't have to go to college! I began taking guitar lessons in 2002, as a 10 year old fifth grader.

Gene was able to encourage my creativity in a way that most music teachers do not. I was never forced to follow a traditional route, and was encouraged to follow a creative one. The first 3 or 4 years of my lessons with Gene mainly consisted of learning chords, scales, and songs that I wanted to learn (he has a great database of songs with guitar TABs that he can teach!). Once I knew my way around the neck of the guitar, could solo like no other 14 year old around, and could play pretty much any chord, we started to compose music together, and get creative.

Gene would help me understand the songwriting process, give me tips for my own songs, and encourage me in a positive and rewarding way. I was never forced to become an extra sight-reader, because that was not going to be as useful for me in the position I was in (lead guitarist of a band at Staples High School). I needed to be able to improvise guitar solos, write a new chord progression on the spot, and jump into any jam session I was presented with. Gene made sure I was well equipped for that job!

It has now been almost 12 years since I first stepped into Gene's studio, and I still play the guitar every day, and am in love with the instrument. Gene taught me how to creatively express myself, and I am very grateful for that.

I am happy that Gene and I still stay in touch, and we even get together and jam every once and a while. Gene Pino Guitar Studios is the way to go!!!” —Jeff Moss, former student.


Motivation: Students choose the styles they want to learn supported by a large and diverse music library.


Balanced Approach: Growing towards musical independence by gaining knowledge of music theory, technique, and all the rudiments that apply to guitar.


Broadened Horizons: Skills necessary to learn music quickly and accurately are promoted at the studio, such as reading music and sound recognition — a necessity for college entrance, school jazz band and pit orchestra participation – great for rock bands too.


Studio Space: The spacious studio is equipped with everything necessary to focus on guitar study, including amplifiers, drum machine and Pro Tools recording equipment.


On-Going Enrollment: Students continue by choice and have the option to do so without being locked into a “semester”.


Success: As the most established guitar teacher in Westport, numerous students have been accepted to top notch music schools and continued on with musical careers.


IDEAL FOR ADULTS: Renew a musical interest or start a new hobby — playing an instrument has enriching benefits and provides creative enjoyment.


I teach group lessons through the Westport Continuing Education program. For more information visit their web site at www.westport




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